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Our Philosophy

Whimsy, happiness & femininity

Founded in 2012, The Wishing Chair is a lifestyle retail brand in the home accessories, decor and gifting space. With a strong creative and feminine aesthetic, we seek to connect with our customers on a personal and poignant level, imparting a sense of wonder and happy nostalgia – an amalgam of childhood memories and adult ingenuity.

At The Wishing Chair, we try to make things that delight your soul – thoughtful and detail-oriented design at reasonable prices, available both online and offline. It’s the small things in life that generally inspire joy, and it is that wonder which we choose to use when we design our products. Quirky, playful and splendiferous – our products are carefully designed and curated to speak the language of magic, whimsy, playfulness, dreamlike incredulity and feminine charm.

When a store is named after an Enid Blyton-concocted flying chair, you know it’s going to be dreamy.

To meet us is to get to know us – so don’t be shy, if you’d like to be walked through the store, told stories about how certain products were acquired, curated or designed, or even have questions pertaining to home interiors and décor.

We tend to rely on frequent interactions with people through open houses and pop ups aimed solely at creating social networks within a neighbourhood as well as an emotional bond between customers and crew.

Our increasingly popular ‘Crafternoon workshops’, are also a means to establishing such intimacy. Moreover, they’re designed to further a culture of “crafting as a community”, to promote an ethos of recycling and upcycling, to kindle the smallest of creative sparks that we believe, exists within everyone, and to direct more and more people towards the pleasure of creating and innovating.

Find everything from a happy piece of furniture, a friendly addition to the animal farm you have at home, beautiful terrariums, tinted apothecary jars, quirky vases, cannisters, candlestands, votive holders, to cushions, throws and every sort of odd and end imaginable for your home, instantly rendering your home a class apart.

The Mad Teapot

To create a holistic shopping experience, our stores house The Mad Teapot Café – a space we put together lovingly to encourage our customers to truly take their time, to unwind and soak in the atmosphere of the space.

A simple vegetarian menu where the food is light, green, crunchy and delicious, compliments a wide array of cooling beverages, coffees and teas. As for the cherry on top – tried and tested desserts to bring an indulgent afternoon or evening, full circle.

Everyone knows that it’s the small things in life that inspire the most joy. But it’s also a mantra easily forgotten. At The Wishing Chair, our foremost aim is to lend everyone a hand keeping the faith, celebrating small miracles, and smiling as often as one possibly can. Because happy people shine brightest. Won’t you join us please?

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