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#DIY: Throw An Unforgettable Rooftop Party


Among the  four seasons,  the third in the year, after spring and summer has it’s annual perks and is by far one of our favourites with all the festivities and partying.

But putting people, great food and wine – plus pulling off your little shindig with a little pizzazz is often an expensive affair. Which is why we decided to home-hack our way through throwing the rooftop party of a lifetime.

A sprinkle of imagination, a dusting of DIY spirit and a few buddies who’ll help out, is really all you need. Read on, to learn more.

It’s Elements, Dear Watson

1.Photo Booth: Build a super backdrop using lightweight fabric and basic bamboo poles. You can use these to vault the fabric, pavilion-like and run a pair of shears or scissors through them, cutting and tying as you go to make a miniature ‘almost-tent’, wherever the view is the green, or shows off a fabulous sunset or simply facing in the direction of the wind. We went with classic white, but use whatever colours you fancy, (or mix and match if boho is your kinda chic).

To personalize our canopy still further, we stapled a bunch of paper fans right on top. Remember paper-crafting from playschool days when simply folding and creasing paper could result in a lovely, colourful semicircular fans, that looked like they came from the orient? Put two of these together, and voila, you have yourself a crepe paper full moon! Mix sizes, creases and colour to make a chain of these and keep gluing or stapling as you go. Prepare to have your mind blown!

You can also use balloons, or string paper lanterns, streamers, paper flowers, fairy-lights and twine creeping vines (money plant and ivy – either au naturel or even store bought ones) to your pavilion, personalising to suit your taste.

2.Mood Lighting: At The Wishing Chair, we like a little bit of everything nice: so we put our fairy lights in our Fairy Dust Glass Canisters and twined these around the pavilion. Use paper lanterns – which you can pick up for oh so cheap from anywhere – and run them in lines, drape them from an awning or hang in cosy nooks and alcoves (there are no mistakes you can make here). We used our Origami paper lamps as paper lanterns. Scatter votive holders, tealights and candles across tables and surfaces to paint a pretty picture everywhere, and for the main attraction, use an old candelabra or scatter candle-stands that will hold flickering flames in place even as the night stretches on.


3.Greenery:Potted plants, either of the flowering variety or otherwise, work best if your roof doesn’t already house some greens of its own. Visit your nearest nursery and buy your plants before housing them in pretty planters, or borrow the ones already inside your home for your rooftop. If push comes to shove, you can always put money plants in old bottles or cacti and succulents (that even you couldn’t kill) on your dining table, which in the end, lets face it, is the main event!

A sprinkle of imagination, a dusting of DIY spirit and a few buddies to help out, is all you need.

4.Community Supper Table: Even Jesus had a community table at The Last Supper, so why shouldn’t you? Plus, those who meet and eat together, stay sweet (on each other), in the long run too! Plus a long community table running along one corner of your roof,frees up that much more space for a dance floor. A caterer and a fun, thoughtfully put together menu then, is all you need. Over and above bluetooth speakers that sync to multiple phones and iPods and your go-to party playlist(s). 


#TWCTip: Keep three-four plates of appetisers in rotation, don’t forget your vegan or vegetarian friends, ensure the food selection accommodates any food allergies your guests might have, choose a couple winning mains, make dessert the star of the evening, and you’re all set to bring the house down. In an excellent, excellent way! 


5.A DIY Mimosa Bar: Want all the perks of a good bar without the pain of hiring a bartender or pouring out the drinks yourself? Set up a DIY Mimosa Bar like we did – equal parts champagne or a nice sparkling wine and a citrusy fruit punch or orange juice. What’s not to love?


Use a dispenser and line up glasses so your friends can help themselves, float about, make conversation, dance, or steal a kiss in a flower-filled nook on your roof – what a great story!


An old chalkboard gets a quick upcycle with just a coat of paint on it’s frame. It tells everyone where to head for a refill, and if you can’t be knackered with pre-mixing cocktails or want to offer more choice, keep an open bar the same way.


Line up a few bottles – offer a clean, unfussy selection of champagne, wines, beers and non-alcoholic juices and keep glasses available on hand. Put a couple of ice buckets on the side, as well as tiered trays (old crates work very well) to hold used glasses, and if you’re worried about accidents, just use disposable glasses instead of maybe your best wedding china!


6. Accents: Pretty accents tell your guests you put love and care and thought into your party. Instead of a table-cloth, staple paper doilies together to make a long feminine runner along the centre of your table. Burlap and baby’s breathe in bottles go just as nicely if you’re looking for options.


We used an old typewriter to house a welcome sign to add visual interest and birdcages curled with fairy lights and ivy to make sure everyone knew they’d found the right address. You can just as easily use balloons, streamers, fresh flowers and bunting, or make a DIY Welcome Sign on a chalkboard, a pin-up board or simply paint on distressed wood. Other knickknacks around your house can also find a place here. Outdoor throws, wicker chairs and cushions, floor cushions, hurricane lamps, heck we’ve even seen beach umbrellas, fire-pits and a portable screen and outdoor movie projector put to fine use, under some roofs!


The most important thing perhaps, about having a good time, and making sure that everyone else does too, is not to stress too much about it. Do what you can with what you have, and don’t worry about getting it all a 100 percent right. Fun happens, when you let it.


So go with the flow, believe in magic, round up your favourite people and cut loose a little. Not only because you deserve it, but because it’s about damn time too. Happy Friyay everyone!

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Written byNisha Ravi

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