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#DIY: Washi Tape Orient-ation

Craft With Us

The Wishing Chair crew’s been feeling a little crafty of late, so we went ahead and found 7 ways to pretty up pretty much anything, with Washi Tape. Who’s ready to roll?

Stuck on you

1. Get your tea-lights all tarted up. Choose a pattern you love – it could be anything, polka dots, block colours, chevron, hearts or flowers – mix and match with tiny candles, and it’s a wrap!

2. Make super-sweet cupcake toppers. Wrap a small length of tape to a tooth pick and snip away at the ends until they resemble miniature flags or bunting. Voila!


3. Make colourful coasters by covering either ice-cream sticks or nail-files in various colours and patterns, glue ‘em together. Not square at all.


4. Make pretty clothespins. Cover wooden pegs with tape and use to hang photographs from a string. A walk to remember, down memory line.


5. Alternately you can also use colourful clothespins by glueing them around a miniature container to hold succulents. A washi tape staple for your coffee table.


6. Decorate a boring notebook by covering the spine with a cheerful print. Or make miniature streamers by wrapping tape to a length of string and trimming the ends to form neat triangles. Wrap these around a dull book cover, or use it while wrapping gifts for someone, and brighten their day.


7. Give paper clips a fancy updo. Twist little trims of washi tape around the edges so they peek cheekily out at you from between files and folders, or from between the pages of your paperback if you choose to use them as miniature bookmarks instead.


Not so wishy-washy (tape) now, is it?

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Written byNisha Ravi

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