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ABOUT: Go on an inspirational and crafty journey with 18 artists (19 if you count yourself), using a simple doodle as the starting point. Filled with inventive prompts designed to fuel the imagination, these 75 exercises, motivate crafters to pick up a pencil, brush, or marker and explore their artistic voice. Featured artists include Cori Dantini, who provides a "Recipe for a Face", Flora Chang and her innovative watercolour designs, and Teesha Moore who offers up her ideas to add personality to character doodles.

TWC RECOMMENDS: From quick "try it" ideas using shapes and patterns to doodled portraits and contour drawings, these step-by-step projects are just wildly, creative fun! You’ll find yourself quickly running out of ink and colour as each of these 75 spreads invite you to indulge your inner child, get a little crazy with colour and firmly stamp each with your own quirky personality. Ideal for brainstorming solo, jumpstarting a sleepy mood, unclogging a creative block and for gifting, if you so choose.

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