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  1. Watercolor Magic Dessert Plate - Blossom Pink

    Frequently asked questions about this product

    Q. Is this product fun, flirty and feminine?         

    A. If it wasn't, you're in the wrong store!

    Q. Will these up my table game?            

    A. Everyone knows that good table game is about 10% food and 90% presentation - so with these beautifully patterned beauties, you're already a winner!

  2. Crochet Cushion Cover - Small

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product:

    Q. Will this look too loud in my room?

    A. Never - its unique, eye-catching hue will impress and mesmerize your peers!

    Q. Where can I put this?

    A. You can plop this into any space that could use a soft touch, and marvel as your 'once' lonely little corner bursts with charm and cheer.


  3. Pyramid Wooden Trays - Set of 2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.I'm confused! I don't know what to buy?

    A. We all get a little overwhelmed now and then. It's ok, take a deep breath and make the purchase safe in the knowledge of our returns policy.

    Q. My house is perfect - I don't need another new accessory as well!

    A. Oh lovely, talented, sweet glow bug! Of course you have the perfect home, you are after all a connoisseur of impeccable taste - that's why you're here! However, we believe even the best homes are a work in progress - so might we nudge you to see if your perfect home could perhaps get a little better?

  4. Handpoured Pillar Candle - Pomegranate & Sage

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. Will it light up my room, and light up my life?

    A. This should illuminate your interiors and make your room glow with the light of a 1000 fireflies - but love bug, the only thing that can light up your life is YOU! So go forth and shine!

    Q. What does this smell like?

    A. Inhale in its warm scent of good taste and on-point design.

  5. Alphabet Kids Mat

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. Why should I buy this?

    A. Because it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

    Q. How big is this?

    A. Big enough to capture a tiny piece of your massive heart

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