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  1. Monogram Shape Cushion

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.Where can I put this?

    A. You can plop this into any space that could use a soft touch, and marvel as your 'once' lonely little corner bursts with charm and cheer.

    Q. Do I really need another one of these?

    A. It never hurts to add a little more cuddle to your hovel.

  2. Marble Effect Wave Vase


    Small: 532 gram

    Large: 800 gram

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. What can I use this for?

    A. Your most beauteous blooms, decorative foliage or good-luck bamboos - they’re boasting their best side when sitting pretty in one of these babies

    Q. Is this breakable?

    A. Yes dear one; like most hearts and camels’ backs, this is breakable - so please be gentle.

    SPECIFICATION: Color and weight may vary since this is a handmade product.

  3. Handpoured Soy Pillar Candle / Fresh Flowers

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product:

    Q.Will it light up my room, and light up my life?             

    A. Much like a sugary treat lights up your face after dinner, we think this should make your nights shine a little brighter. For your life  - we recommend hugs and unlimited cups of tea.

    Q. Would this make a good gift?

    A. Yes - get ready to up your social game!

  4. Watercolor Magic Bowl - Blossom Pink

    Frequently asked questions about this product

    Q. Is this product fun, flirty and feminine?         

    A. If it wasn't, you're in the wrong store!

    Q. Will these up my table game?            

    A. Everyone knows that good table game is about 10% food and 90% presentation - so with these beautifully patterned beauties, you're already a winner!

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