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  1. Fairy Dust Glass Canister / Mercury

    Small, delicate, and feminine, this embellished glass canister makes for a lovely and unique housewarming and festive gift.
  2. Bird & Flower Bunting

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. Is this product fun, flirty and feminine?

    A. If it wasn't, you're in the wrong store!

    Q. Can I make this a hat?

    A. While we don't judge your sartorial predilections, we would recommend this more as as a home accessory and not a fashionable one.

  3. Miss Sunshine Planters with Wooden Tray -Set of 3

    Frequently asked questions about this product:

    Q.Is this product fun, flirty and feminine?            

    A. If it wasn't, you're in the wrong store!

    Q. Is this breakable?

    A. Despite its strong spirit and never-say-die cheeriness, this is indeed breakable, so please handle with care.

    Q. Who can I gift this to?

    A. Anyone who appreciates the littlest things and makes you feel like the biggest deal


    SPECIFICATION: Weight can vary as they are handmade products…

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