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  1. Shadow Box

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q How was this made?

    A. We just think of the dreamiest, loveliest thing ever, push it through our magic dream machine, and voila - it's done!

    Q. Will this make my heart skip a beat?

    A. We do warn that due to the extreme cuteness of this product, mild arrhythmia is likely to develop

  2. Marble Effect Wave Vase


    Small: 532 gram

    Large: 800 gram

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. What can I use this for?

    A. Your most beauteous blooms, decorative foliage or good-luck bamboos - they’re boasting their best side when sitting pretty in one of these babies

    Q. Is this breakable?

    A. Yes dear one; like most hearts and camels’ backs, this is breakable - so please be gentle.

    SPECIFICATION: Color and weight may vary since this is a handmade product.

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