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  1. Pin Them Wall Organiser

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Will this make my heart skip a beat?

    A. Hey - it's more useful than an ashtray on a motorbike, a waterproof teabag and a glass hammer.

    Q. What kind of person would like this?

    A. The kind of person who says no to the mundane but yes to magic!


  2. Seashell Rose Bunch

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. It looks so magical - will it give me superpowers?

    A. Most certainly so! It will give you the power to flash your pearly whites in constant cheer, and the wizard-like ability to turn your neighbors a deep shade of green.

    Q. Where can I put this?

    A. This fits right into any little nook or space that could use a burst of colour and cuteness

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