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Diamond Summer Ceramic Planter

Usually delivered within 4-7 days

Additional Information

Material Stoneware
Dimensions Small-4.53 dia x 3.94 H inch
Medium-5.51 dia x 5.12 H inch
Large-6.89 dia x 5.91 H inch



Small: 460 gram

Medium: 710 gram

Large: 1.085 gram

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Why Should I buy this - I have black thumbs!

A. With the internet and trying to take the perfect selfie - our beloved greenery can feel neglected, we know! But we promise your plants will feel the love in these adorable planters!

Q. What can I use this for?

A. Your most beauteous blooms, decorative foliage or good-luck bamboos - they’re boasting their best side when sitting pretty in one of these babies

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