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  • Handpoured Soy Candle in Purple Goblet Jar - Vanila Handpoured Soy Candle in Purple Goblet Jar - Vanila

Light up the room glass jar soy wax candle - Purple - Vanilla


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ABOUT: Is there anything more romantic than the flickering light and gorgeous aroma of a scented candle? Handpoured and eco-friendly, The Wishing Chair brings you a classic, vanilla scented soy candlepoured into a royal purple goblet jar, perfect for a slow, languid evening spent cosying up on a couch with a loved one.

TWC RECOMMENDS: Fragrance, flickering lights and sultry romance – that’s three big wins in one small scented candle package. Get yours now and add instant charm, whimsy and magic to your favourite nooks at home. Love is in the air.

Additional Information

MaterialSoy Wax in Glass Jar
DimensionsD 7 x H 11 cms