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Mandala Meditation Coloring Book



ABOUT: The Mandala Meditation colouring book features a spread of 90 mandalas for you to fill with colours as you please. Look forward to the challenge of “staying within the lines” once again (that’s right – it’s no longer a ‘strictly children’s’ pursuit) and let the traditional, intricate, circular designs fill you with tranquility. Meditative and creative all at once, the end results are also yours upon completion to reflect upon and relish.

TWC RECOMMENDS: Take a trip down memory lane to the days when putting crayons to paper or dipping brushes in watercolours brought you uninhibited joy. Challenge the child in you once again, try and stay between the lines of these intricate and traditional circular mandala designs, and let yourself be soothed into a state of meditative calm and concentration. For best results, keep it by your bedside, so you can linger over these lovely pages, last thing at night, or if you prefer, wake up to inspiration every day.

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