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Planter Box

Usually delivered within 7-10 days

Additional Information

Material Mango Wood, Zinc Sheet & Iron
Dimensions Small : 51L x 20W x 48H CM
Large : 61L x 23W x 43H CM
Care Instructions Always wipe up moisture promptly from wooden part and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface.


Frequently Asked Question

Q Why Should I buy this - I have black thumbs!

A. With the internet and trying to take the perfect selfie - our beloved greenery can feel neglected, we know! But we promise your plants will feel the love in these adorable planters!

Q. My house is perfect - I don't need another new accessory as well!

A. Oh lovely, talented, sweet glow bug! Of course you have the perfect home, you are after all a connoisseur of impeccable taste - that's why you're here! However, we believe even the best homes are a work in progress - so might we nudge you to see if your perfect home could perhaps get a little better?

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