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Primrose Hill Trunks - Set of 2

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Material Paper & Card Board
Dimensions Large - L 25 x W 20 x H 10 cms, Small - L 20 x W 15 x H 8 cms


ABOUT: These twin trunks – perfect for all kinds of having and holding, giving and receiving – we think makes quite the case for itself. Will the prosecution stand down please? Part of The Primrose Hill Collection – inspired by the cobblestoned streets of Europe, its vibrant walls & wealth of window frames – you’ll never have to apologise for having baggage anymore.

TWC RECOMMENDS: There’s the ordinary gift-giver and then there are those whose largesse is ladled out with so much panache, it’s wearing a party hat! Think of these gifting trunks then, as are our own little throw in, to those who can really throw down. Baby showers, bachelorette blowouts, and birthday bashes look out – your friend just totes, packed you a fortnighter!

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