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  1. Cotton Candy Bookend Set

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. Why should I buy this?

    A. Because the heart wants what it wants... listen to it!

    Q. Will this look too loud in my room?

    A. Revel in your unashamedly colorful kitsch style!

  2. Happy Hearts Tissue Box

    ABOUT: The Wishing Chair crew loves themselves a timeless pattern or two, so we went the happy hearts way to complement our Stationary Collection Featuring a playful, feminine and delicate palette, dripping in English charm, this beauty is for keeps.

    TWC RECOMMENDS: Perfect for the car, or a tabletop and even in the bathroom by your fluffy towels, this pretty as a posy, tissue box will bring smiles to any face.

  3. Cloud Chalk Board

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product:

    Q. Is this cute, quirky and cheerful?

    A. Do cupcakes taste like happiness? ie. YES!

    Q. This is just... decorative? What can I use this for?

    A. Don't diss the power of a gorgeous piece of design to brighten up your day and put in a spring in your step! #itsthelittlethings

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