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A Celebration of All Things Paper

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  1. Arrow Wooden board with pegs

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. Where can I put this - on a wall or over my face?

    A. Considering how stunningly adorable you are, we suggest you share your lovely visage with the world and instead hang this over a empty slot on your wall - that way your friends have at least 2 things to admire!

    Q. Would this make a good gift?

    A. Only if you're ready to be the bestest friend ever!

  2. Happy Girls Shine Brighter Gold Foil Notebook

    Q. Do I really need another diary?

    A. Why get a dull and unassuming moleskin that speaks nothing about your multifaceted personality when you can get this little beauty that speaks volumes on your quirky style.

    Q. Do really need more of these?

    A. Let's be honest, the moment you laid eyes on this - you knew you wanted to take it home and cuddle up with it

  3. Pastel Love Notebook - A5

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product:

    Q. Do I really need another diary?

    A. Whether you're an intrepid explorer of the soul, or a rugged, outdoorsy adventurer - we think your thoughts should be penned as whimsically as possible - right here.

    Q. Why should I buy this?

    A. Because life is short; eat the cupcake, send that flirty text, book that luxury vacation by the sea and get this now!

    SPECIFICATION: 168 Ruled sheets inside

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