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Victoria Vanity Table Mirror

Usually delivered within 4-7 days

Additional Information

Dimensions 34 L cm x 22 W cm x 48 H cm
Care Instructions Don't wash, Use a slightly damp cloth to clean. Wipe dry. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface. Mirror may chip or break on impact
Weight 1.085 kg


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How was this made?

A. With the loving, artisanal craftsmanship of a dozen elves, a family of gnomes and a couple of hard-working woodpeckers

Q. My house is perfect - I don't need another new accessory as well!

A. Oh lovely, talented, sweet glow bug! Of course you have the perfect home, you are after all a connoisseur of impeccable taste - that's why you're here! However, we believe even the best homes are a work in progress - so might we nudge you to see if your perfect home could perhaps get a little better?

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